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Getting the best original, up and coming artists and established artists at your venue/event to draw the crowd you need can be a challenging and tedious task.


This is where Big Sis can help.


Our team are up to date and passionate about the Tasmanian music scene.

We take pride in an artist roster that covers the entire musical spectrum, so finding the right artist for your venue/event can be done with ease. 

We keep your punters happy with the right live music, 


It’s not just about finding the right act, 

ensuring your gig is booked and managed effectively means you can focus on all the other challenges of running an event/venue, whilst avoiding the pitfalls and stress of organising artists week in, week out. 

On top of this, Big Sis manages tickets and promotions, identifies opportunities and offers valuable advice to help your event/venue.

Having a booking agent that’s reliable and regular means you don’t have to do it in house.

If you are looking for an act to book for an upcoming event or for regular bookings at your venue please see our artist roster below. 


Get in touch by giving Alex a call or email!




We look forward to working with you!


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