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"Big, hard and hefty like a slab of cement." - Dave Ruby Howe 2022

Verticoli is a three-piece alternative rock band from Tasmania with a mission to produce high-quality rock music that is heavy, melodic, and raucous. 

Verticoli has gigged heavily across Australia, and supported the likes of Cog, Kingswood, British India and DZ Deathrays. They opened the Field Stage at the 2014/15 Falls Festival in Marion Bay, and were selected by Triple J Unearthed to play the 2017 Party in the Paddock.

Verticoli released their self-titled EP in 2013, followed by their LP ‘Punching Bag’ in 2015. The ‘Free Will’ EP was released in 2017 and received significant community radio attention. The ‘Heavy’ EP was released in 2021, and was the band’s most refined work to date, thanks to the isolation of those times.

2022 sees the band translating an abundance of demos into their sophomore album, to be released later this year following the release of the lead single ‘Hits of the Summer’ on March 18th.


In March the Tassie legends released their new single 'Hits of the Summer' into the world along with their hilarious clip (produced by Dane Meale at Creative Grit). The cherry on top is that the clip unveils the band's larrikin alter-ego characters, the stars of the clip - Dan Electro, Lucius Sidewand and Fluffy McTaint.

The fun-as-hell rock track serves as the soundtrack as these deadset legends bust out the track in the garage and in the pool. Seemingly the characters from the clip have internal beef, but somehow make it work in order to rock out and make the 70s-inspired, porn-mustachioed magic happen. They had these choice words to say about the clip and song.

"The filming of this music video was life changing for all involved. The scenes of me underwater were like a baptism, and today I feel reborn… except I’m still addicted to cocaine.” -  Lucius Sidewand (guitar/vocals).


“I hope Lucius dies. He’s a an egomaniac. I quit.” - Fluffy McTaint  (drums) 


“I just play bass. I don’t know anything about this band. Stop asking me questions.” Dan Electro (bass guitar)

Sam Hunn from the band explains. "‘Hits of the Summer' is a throwback to a summer nearly a decade ago. Hanging out, getting all loved up with a lady, only to realise after being punched in the face by another guy that things weren’t quite what they seemed. It’s a self-deprecating look at two young blokes with under-developed brains trying to navigate love and lust."


Keep up to date with all things Verticoli and their upcoming events across the board by pressing the button below! 


Photos by Ross Giblin

Hits Of The Summer, Album Artwork by Ross Giblin

Verticoli Anchor
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